I recently did a lengthy interview with Nathan Allebach for his podcast, What’s Really Good. We talked about my collage art and my recent retrospective book. We talked about Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen and some of my past music projects. And we also covered some personal philosophy, state of the world, social media, politics and more.

So, if you ever wanted a glimpse into what makes me tick, here you go. Please give it a listen. And please follow What’s Really Good with Nathan Allebach on whatever podcast platform you prefer.

From Nathan Allebach: Mighty Joe Castro is a collage artist, painter, designer, and musician who plays in Mighty Joe Castro And The Gravamen. In our conversation we talked about growing up in local music scenes, how he got into art, current social views surrounding art, how politics and culture weave into it, and just general banter on life. Enjoy!

And don’t forget that my brand new book, Everything We Love Is Slowly Becoming Fiction, is out now. Focusing on work created between 2007 and 2017, the book highlights over 120 original collages, album covers and silkscreen posters. It includes a collection of previously released artist interviews from those years, never before seen work in progress images, a new essay by Marta Staudinger (Latela Gallery), forward by Andy Jenkins (Girl Skateboards/Element/Bend Press), and a new conversational interview conducted by fellow collage artist Allan Bealy. Each book is hand numbered and hand signed by the artist. Supplies here at the warehouse are dwindling so please order on before it’s too late. Order yours here.

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