Shells is a piece of cut paper collage art using images found in vintage magazines and other ephemera that are then dry adhered to paper with a gel medium.  The original image is roughly 12 inches wide by 17 inches tall (not including matte and frame). It was completed in January 2020.

Prints of Shells are available through the Mighty Joe Castro Etsy shop. They are available in two sizes. 12 inches x 18 inches are $30. 18 by 24 inch prints are $45. Both are signed by the artist. Inquiries about the purchase of the original piece can be sent directly to

I apologize for the lack of updates on the site. Between creating artwork, playing shows with Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen and the time suck that is social media, I have neglected this website. To stay up to date and current, please follow Mighty Joe Castro on instagram and twitter.

Please take a moment to also follow Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen on instagram, spotify and facebook. We are finishing recording our new album which will be released this summer. And we are booking new shows as well. Hope to see you on the road.

And I do have very limited copies of my retrospective collage book, Everything We Love Is Slowly Becoming Fiction, still available. Focusing on work created between 2007 and 2017, the book highlights over 120 original collages, album covers and silkscreen posters. It includes a collection of previously released artist interviews from those years, never before seen work in progress images, a new essay by Marta Staudinger (Latela Gallery), forward by Andy Jenkins (Girl Skateboards/Element/Bend Press), and a new conversational interview conducted by fellow collage artist Allan Bealy. Each book is hand numbered and hand signed by the artist. Supplies here at the warehouse are dwindling so please order on before it’s too late. Order yours here.