I am honored to be a guest on Ryan Starr’s excellent Hi-Res podcast. We talked about art and collage and living the creative life during the COVID lockdown. In addition, we talked about the music videos I created for Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen. Overall, I really enjoyed our conversation. I hope you will too.

Please give it a listen.

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About this episode:

“Mighty Joe Castro is an accomplished Philadelphia based collage artist, musician (Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen) and designer. He joins the show to discuss creatively rising to the occasion during the pandemic, owning your mistakes and viewing himself as a work-in-progress.”

About Hi-Res podcast:

Hi-Res is a one-on-one podcast with creatives in the Philadelphia advertising community about the experiences that have helped shape their careers and influence their work.

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Hi_Res : Design Conversations in Philadelphia, PA