Here is the brand new music video I directed for Embers in the Ash, the latest single from my band Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen

We filmed this on April Fools Day in the Manayunk neighborhood in Philadelphia, a few blocks from one of the band’s practice spaces. Severe thunderstorms were in the forecast, with tornado warnings for the area. As the storm blew in, we squeezed in 5 takes in 15 minutes before being pelted with hail. Good times.

To achieve the slow motion effect, I first practiced lip syncing to a double speed version of the song. We filmed it at 60 fps. This way, when the footage was slowed down to normal 30 fps, it would match up perfectly with the original recording. I wanted to make sure that people could see the rain, while giving the video a dream like quality. We shot the video with my iPhone 12 using the Filmmic app. I edited it and did the color grading as well. I hope you dig it.

Special thanks to Brandon NewLove braving the storm with me while filming. I owe you one.

Embers in the Ash on now available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

Ember in the Ash album cover design by artist and musician Mighty Joe Castro

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