This has been a long time coming but I’m stoked to announce the release of Still Sanguine a collection of songs from my first band, Nero / OPF. (Newark, Delaware – 1993-1997). The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

This collection features the original Sanguine album (Zowie Records 1996) plus the Soul Mint / Sparkler 7 inch single and all the other Obese Pharaohs of Funk 7″ tracks. A huge thank you to Jay Caddle for mastering the original vinyl tracks. Most of these songs had never been digitized before.

For those who were there back in the day, hanging out at The Barn Door or The East End or the Coda Tavern, I hope you dig this. It’s been a labor of love for sure and listening to these songs brought back a flood of memories. Thank you for the love you showed us and for all the good times.

If you haven’t heard the band before, please give these tunes a spin. They’re worth checking out.

And to our friends who are no longer with us: Jeremy Tuschak (drums), Nick Rotundo (recording) & Art Callahan (Barn Door). I miss you all. Sincere thanks for your friendship and all that you did for me and the band. Rest in Peace.

Monika Bullette: vocals

Mighty Joe Castro: guitar

Jeremy Tuschak: drums

Larry Zappaterrini: bass (Nero)

Bret Icenogle: bass (OPF)

For more 90s nostalgia, follow Nero / OPF on instagram and facebook. We will be posting old flyers and photos.