Post #1116 – Thank You (and a brief update)

Thank you:

It’s been a while friends, so I thought an update was slightly overdue….


First off, the influential collage blog, Feru Leru, was kind enough to recently post some of my work over on their site.  Thank you for that. Much appreciated.

And the kind folks over at The Weird Show  featured a few of my collages as well – you can view them here. Stoked on that as well – there are some amazing artists/works highlighted over there – definitely worth checking out.

And thank you to everyone who made it out to The Lift Up’s recent show at Mojo Main. For you townies who missed it – no worries, we’ll be back playing there again on Friday June 14th with schroeder.  more info on that to come.

And for those still waiting patiently for the release of The Lift Up’s debut album – here’s an update: we finished recording all of the tracks at the end of March, and are now trying our best to patiently wait for everything to be mixed by Jim Salamone over at Cambridge Sound Studios.  It’s kind of like being stranded on the runway, and you’re cleared for take off but there’s a long line of other planes ahead of you, so you sit quietly, try your best not to get frustrated over missed connections and hope that the stewardess will come by with complementary drinks again.  So, yeah – everything’s a bit pushed back.  The key word here is patience, as we are apparently the low man on the totem pole. But once we know something, I will pass it along.



Post #1115 – The Lift Up at Mojo Main Friday May 10

Live The Lift Up Mojo Main Lush Farm

Live at Mojo Main

Very excited to announce The Lift Up will be playing our first show of 2013 at our home base (AKA Mojo Main) with Baltimore’s favorite sons, Lush Farm, as well as Gozer and Stallions. It’s been a while and we’re eager to get back on stage where we belong. Friday May 10th – hope to see you there.

And we’ve been dropping heavy hours at Cambridge Sound Studio with Jim Salamone, putting the finishing touches on our debut record.  We’re finally at the mixing stage and we’re looking forward to leaking out a few tunes in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.

RSVP via facebook here.-

And just a reminder – for the latest on The Lift Up, follow us on twitter.

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Post #1114 – The Nerium Spring

Nerium Spring collage Joe Castro

The Nerium Spring  is a piece of cut paper collage art using images taken from vintage magazines and other ephemera that are hand cut with an xacto knife and then dry adhered to paper using a gel medium. The original is roughly 30 inches wide by 22 inches high (not including matte and frame) and was completed April 2013.

Prints and other products are now available from and  Inquiries about the purchase of the original piece should be sent directly to

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Post #1113 – Ghosts Returning…

Ghosts ReturningI recently donated this custom painted skateboard (entitled Ghosts Returning) to the Montana Skatepark Organization’s On Deck VIII art auction and fundraiser.  The auction takes place Friday May 3 at the Brink Gallery in Missoula. For those of you like me who unfortunately can’t make it out to Big Sky Country, you can still bid on this deck (as well as 40 others) here online.  There are some super sick and creative pieces this year from Haroshi, Matthew Curry, Dylan Goldberger, Matthew Paris, Travis Smith & Randy Laybourne among others. Take a browse, place a bid and help build some new skate spots in Montana.

Click here to see the complete list of On Deck VIII boards and to place bids.

About the Montana Skatepark Association:
The Montana Skatepark Association (MSA) is a growing organization of people who have recognized the value that free skateparks provide to communities in the state of Montana. We feel that skateboarding is a healthy, recreational activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages both as participants and as spectators. Skateboarding equipment is inexpensive and the facilities, once built, require very little maintenance.

Since 2000, the MSA has grown into a professional, experienced and committed organization providing support, consulting and grant-based financing for Montana communities who are looking to expand their recreational opportunities. We are 100% volunteer based and every dollar that comes into our organization is spent on building skateparks and skateboarding communities.

For more information, please visit montanaskatepark.




Post #1112 -The Last Show at the Barn Door

Barn Door – Final Show

Barn Door poster Nero
While doing a little spring cleaning the other day, I came across this old poster in a dusty old flat file – it’s from the last show at the infamous Barn Door in Wilmington, a place I spent most of my nights during the early 90’s, hanging out and playing shows in Nero and the Obese Pharaohs of Funk. If you never got the chance to go, it wasn’t very impressive – just a tiny, hole in the wall bar with no sound system and only one incredibly disgusting bathroom that you had to climb over the stage to get to. But chances are if you played music in Delaware around that time, then you probably played your first show at the Barn Door. It was all ages and not genre specific – anything went musically.  And because of it’s small size, every gig felt intimate and the audience was always up front, and the music was loud, viceral and in your face and the sweat from the band mixed with the sweat from the crowd. It was the first state’s micro CBGBs with a little bit of Cheers thrown in.

Anyway, I posted the photo on facebook and shortly there after, I got an email from Darren O’Toole, who had filmed the last hurrah, and posted the whole thing on youtube (sadly, he was unable to film the Black Light Rainbow set, which is missing.)  Below is Nero’s set – be sure to take notice of the huge sideburns I was sporting at the time.

And on a side note, Obese Pharaohs of Funk held the record for playing the most consecutive nights in a row at the Barn Door – 7.  Funny story, on the sixth night, when Art told us we were one show away from breaking the record, we randomly barged the next night’s gig and demanded that we play.  And the band that night was Jake and the Stiffs – who were (lucky for us) super cool about it and.  We went on to play many shows with them down the road and they’re still one of my favorite bands from that era – do yourself a favor and check  out their set from that night as well.

And I played my first ever “real” (non-house party) show there with OPF in July, 1993 – we opened for Spindrift, who were just getting started around that time as well.  And, twenty years down, Kirpatrick is still going strong.  Super proud of that guy.  You can watch their set here.

Anyway, enough old man ramblings – enjoy the show.



Post #1111 – Weak Stomach redux

Weak Stomach: If you’ve been following this site for a while, you may remember talk a few years back about a music video Justin Clowes & I were working on for the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers. We shot this on two cold December nights back in 2010 at Celebre’s Pizzeria off Packer Ave in Philly. This was my first time working with Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro & Has-lo, all who I’d go on to work with again down the road. The shoot was a lot of fun, a little bit stressful because time was tight and definitely a learning experience overall since it was the first time we shot with digital SLR cameras. So, long story short – the video gets finished, plans for releasing the EP get pushed back, pushed back then dropped and all that hard work gets stashed away into a hard drive time capsule.

Well, with the new Shadowboxers album finally getting ready to drop in the next few months, Zilla has decided to release “lost tapes” style the original Weak Stomach EP, along with the video.  You can get the full EP here, which is worth checking out.  Personally, I can’t wait for the new full length record – the Wrecking Crew are always pushing things forward and just keep getting better and better.

So, sorry for the delay – here’s the Weak Stomach remix video.  I hope it was worth the wait…..


Post #1110 – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds poster Joe Castro

NickCave poster

I was super stoked to design a poster for one of my favorite bands of late, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, for their gig last night at the Keswick Theatre. It’s a 3 color silkscreen on 100lb Black French Construction paper and only 50 were produced. These were specially commissioned by the promoter, AEG Live, and were given to the band as a gift and were not for sale at the venue. However, I do have a small handful of these available through my Etsy shop so, if you dig it, pick one up soon because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Click Here to purchase the poster

The illustration is an ominous drawing of an Australian magpie, a songbird native to the continent.  They are extremely intelligent and often referred to as “the cunning prophet” in certain witch craft circles, and generally considered to be a bad omen – an image I thought that fit well with the band’s music.  The tops of the clouds were shaped to mimic knuckles on a fist, to help tie in the title of the band’s latest album, Push the Sky Away.  And the ties on the barb wire represent the sign language symbol for “I Love You” (known less formally as the “heavy metal sign”), which represents the band’s loyal following.

Anyway, the show last night was incredible – totally blew me away.  The band were water tight, like the James Brown band if they were brought back from the grave and fronted by Edgar Allen Poe.  He climbed across the crowd, pushed away all camera phones & thrust his crotch at the adoring masses.   Shaman, snake oil salesmen, preacher, rock god  – the whole thing had an air of sideshow revival, and I can see the influence he’s had on bands like The Make-Up. And, damn – Warren Ellis is a badass.  My only regret is waiting this long to see them live – I won’t miss them again.  Best show I’ve seen in a long time, and totally inspiring.

And if you haven’t picked it up yet, definitely grab their latest, Push the Sky Away – then take a midnight drive down some deserted back roads with the sound turned up and enjoy the ride.

And thanks again to AEG Live for the opportunity





Post #1109 – I Was So (Cut &) Pasted!

I was so (cut and) pasted…

Pasted JoeCastro_March1_Wilmo_facebook

I’ll be showing some recent collages this March at the Redding Gallery space in the City/County building on French St in Wilmington, DE. The opening party is next Friday, March 1st from 5:30 pm until about 8pm. There’ll be free drinks, some live music (TBD) and generally a no arty attitude atmosphere.  So if you’re in the first state, stop by and say “hi”. Then stay for a while. Then join us for a drink somewhere afterwards.  I mean, let’s celebrate, right?

Louis L. Redding City/County Building, 800 N. French Street, Wilmington, DE 19801.

Here’s the facebook event page for more info.



Post #1108 – Everything We Love Is Slowly Becoming Fiction

Everything We Love Is Slowly Becoming Fiction collage Joe Castro

Everything We Love is Slowly Becoming Fiction  is a piece of cut paper collage art using images taken from vintage magazines and other ephemera that are hand cut with an xacto knife and then dry adhered to paper using a gel medium. The original is roughly 15 inches wide by 15 inches high (not including matte and frame) and was completed June 2015. This and other collages will be hanging this March at the Redding Gallery space in Wilmington, DE – more info on that to come.

Prints and other products are now available via society6 and Saatchi. Inquiries about the purchase of the original piece should be sent directly to

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Post #1107 – Joe Castro: Mirada Profunda (Anormal Mag)

Anormal Mag collages Joe Castro

Anormal Mag: Very excited to have some collage artwork featured over at I’ve been a fan of their site for a while now – they always post a really strong and diverse selection of work from around the globe, so I’m stoked to be included. Click here to check out the article.

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