Post #1096 – Positive Visual Attention Intervention

Positive Attention Visual Intervention:

Sorry for lagging on posts lately – I’ve been on a mission to spend less time confronting the glowing screen and more time living the creative life (highly recommended.)  It’s been a productive summer though – new collages, new paintings, and new songs, all of which I hope to share with you soon so stay tuned. Other than that it’s been trips to the beach, bottles of wine, games of pinball and a handful of books and movies.  I did recently finish Hubert Selby Jr’s masterwork, Last Exit to Brooklyn, which was as good and intense as I’ve always heard.  Also making my way through Christian Hosoi’s new memoir, which is a solid read, insightful and honest.  Highly recommended for any old head 80’s skate rats.

Anyway, I am very honored to be this month’s featured artist over at – the collection of work is entitled Positive Visual Attention Intervention.  It’s pretty much a selected greatest hits of paintings and collages but there are a few hidden gems in there that haven’t been seen before so take a look.  And leave a positive comment if you dig what you see.

Thanks as always dear readers – more updates to come….


Post #1095 – tornado alley

tornado alley collage art Joe Castro

Tornado Alley  is a piece of cut paper collage art using images taken from vintage magazines and other ephemera that are hand cut with an xacto knife and then dry adhered to paper using a gel medium. The original is roughly 13 inches wide by 15 inches high (not including matte and frame) and was completed July 2012.

Prints and other products are now available via society6. Inquiries about the purchase of the original piece should be sent directly to

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Post #1094 – got Live if you want it….

Live: Darren O’Toole was nice enough to drop off some video from The Lift Up’s show at the North Star last week – you can peep three tracks below.

And just a reminder – tonight, we’re playing at the Chris White Gallery (7th and Shipley Streets in Wilmington, DE) as part of the Art of Rock show.  As previously mentioned, I’ll have a few silkscreen gig posters in the show as well. Free admission, free beer, free air conditioning.  Show starts at 6pm – we play live at 7pm sharp.  Hope to see you there.

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Post #1093 – The Art of Rock and World Cafe

This July, I’ll be showing some gig posters as part of The Art of Rock: Sight and Sound, a music-themed art show at the Chris White Gallery and Shipley Artists Lofts in Wilmington, DE. The show also features art and photography by David Norbut, Dave Mele, Noah Gabriel, Brian Wild and Amber Q.  Facebook event info here.  And if all goes according to plan, there should be a few limited edition, one-off prints of posters that were never printed before, like the infamous Death Cab/ACDC one.

But wait – there’s more! The opening bash is this Friday, July 6th and The Lift Up will be playing live along with This Temper.  All this for the low, low price of free. The show starts at 6pm – bands should go on around 7pm or so.  It’s part of the art loop so it should be a fun night with an old school basement show kind of vibe. Come stay young and invincible.  7th and Shipley Streets in Wilmo.

And speaking of The Lift Up, we’ll be at the World Cafe Live in Philly on Friday the 13th, opening for our friend’s The Big Black Night, who are celebrating the release of their full length disc.  The show also features sets by Hijack and Harper.  And good news for all you old heads – it’s an early show, with the first band at 8pm and The Lift Up playing at 9pm sharp.  Stop by, grab a bite to eat and celebrate the superstition of your choice.

And I know I said this before, but seriously – these two shows will be our last for a few months, as we’re taking a temporary hiatus to write new songs, get our new website up and running and handle some personal business.  We should be back on stage in early fall with plans to hit the studio before the end of the year.  Stay tuned.

More art shows to come as well.




Post #1092 – More from the Berman Museum

Got to check out the National Collage Society show at the Berman Museum of Art over the weekend and was super impressed.  Lots of different styles and approaches from artists from across the United States – definitely honored to be a part of such a great show.  And as a bonus, the downstairs has an excellent exhibit on Francios Gilot, which is also worth checking out as well.  Win, win.

But for those who can’t make it to Collegeville, PA before August 12th, the entire collage exhibit is now available for viewing online – click here to check it out. Honestly, the photos don’t do a lot of the pieces justice though.

And WRTI posted a nice little interview about the exhibit and collage in general on thier site – click here to listen.

And just a friendly reminder – my new band The Lift Up is playing The North Star in Philly on Saturday.  This’ll be our last Philly show until sometime in the fall – hope to see you there.

The Lift Up Norh Star Joe Castro




Post #1091 – Bones Brigade: An Autobiography

Bones Brigade autobiographyI was lucky enough to worm my way into the Philadelphia premier of Stacey Peralta’s Bones Brigade documentary last night and I’m happy to report the film does not disappoint.  Much like Dogtown and Z-boys, it’s insightful, funny and sometimes touching, with in-depth interviews of all the major players, but focusing heavily story-wise on Hawk, Mullen, Lance and Stacey’s guidance in general. It does a good job capturing the feeling of that decade, the excitement surrounding that team and just the joy of skateboarding and progression in general.

I’ll be honest – as a child and skater of the 80’s, this film was pretty much tailored for my generation so of course, I am somewhat biased, as watching the old footage brought back waves of nostalgia for sure. My first board was a Lance Mountain mini and I can vividly remember my friends and I watching Animal Chin and Public Domain over and over again.  I went to the demos in ’88 and ’89 and saw the madness for myself.  I was a full on fan. So I would definitely be interested in hearing someone’s take on it who is younger and not necessarily into skateboarding.

And although the movie was well done, my only criticisms were these: I was a little surprised they didn’t mention their artist, VCJ, who easily created some of the most memorable and long lasting board graphics of all time (the Hawk skull, Mullen chessboard, Cab’s dragon, the Bones logo, etc. etc.) and was a major part of the success and impact of the brand.  Also, they really glossed over the downfall of Powell-Peralta, crediting their first demise entirely to Stacey quitting, with no mention of Mullen and Vallely leaving to create World Industries with Steve Rocco and the company war that soon followed. Given Peralta’s dual role as both participant and director in the film, it sometimes comes off as a propaganda piece (no pun intended), and a one sided account of how great a mentor Stacey was and how amazing a company Powell-Peralta was.  Very little to no criticism whatsoever – which leaves you wondering what the film would have looked like had a different director  been behind the lens. (to be fair though, the film is billed as “an autobiograhy”, and, because it was Stacey doing the interviews, the riders were generally extremely open and candid about their feelings toward that time in their lives. Their guard obviously left down, I was a bit shocked at the number of tears shed throughout the film. I’m not sure another director could’ve gotten that much out of the crew.)

And I’m not sure why the Philly crowd was booing Shepard Fairy but cheering for Fred Durst? No need to hate on Shepard because of his success. And why was Fred Durst in the film?

Anyway, minor criticisms aside – definitely make a point to check the film out this fall when it gets the official movie theater release. For all the ground it covers, it’s’ really well done and worth checking out.  I personally can’t wait to see it again.

And thanks to Vans for the free drinks and Hampton for the hook-up. Much appreciated. And Thrasher has some photo coverage.





Post #1090 – Big Class no.2

Big Class

Big Class no 2

Just about a year ago, I was invited (via clubmumble) to contribute a drawing to an indie publishing project out of New Orleans called Big Class.  The project involved a group of first graders from Lincoln Elemantary who had each written a short story.  Each story was then sent out to various professional artists who created coloring book style illustrations, which were then collected into a book and sold to raise money for future projects.  Always down for supporting an organization that’s getting kids excited about reading and writing their own books, I did my drawing last June, sent it off to the organizers and, honestly, had forgotten all about it.

Anyway, I was super stoked this morning to find a small brown paper package waiting in the mail box containing the finished Big Class no.2.  Very nicely packaged, the box contains 5 mini coloring books (with art contributed  by 45 different artists from across the country), an activity book and a set of crayons.  The book box is currently being sold at a number of independent book and comic shops in Nola so, if you’re in the Big Easy, pick up a copy.

About Big Class:
Big Class is an organization that facilitates student-driven creative collaborations to enrich literacy in public schools. Our work so far has resulted in published books that feature the written work of students illustrated by adults. For those involved and their audience, this has had a unique impact along a cross-section of literacy, art, community, and education. When students experience literacy with its highest potential in mind – as a means of communication and expression – they find an inherent connection with its meaning and importance.



Post #1089 – Collages at the Berman Museum

Berman Museum National Collage SocietyVery excited to announce that two of my collages were accepted into the National Collage Society’s 28th Annual Juried Exhibition.  The show will be on display at the Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College June 9 until August 12.  Admission is free.  According to the press release, they received 528 submissions from 279 artists, 80 were selected and 62 will be on view at the museum, so it’s an honor for sure and I’m definitely looking forward to checking out the rest of the artwork as well. My two submissions are The Rushing Fog and A Deep Sleep (images below).


The Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art
at Ursinus College.
601 E. Main Street,
Collegeville, PA 19426-1000



Post #1088 – The Lift Up in Philly

Return to the North Star…

Stoked to announce The Lift Up will be playing it’s first Philly show Saturday June 30th. It’s been a long time coming for sure and what better place to kick things off than the North Star, which was almost a second home for The Situation back in the day. Also playing are The Scovilles and The High Five, both Philly area high energy garage rock outfits, so it should be a fun night.

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Post #1087 – Lift Up post gig come down

The Lift Up Mojo Main Newark Thanks again to everyone who made it out to The Lift Up’s debut show at  Mojo Main this past Friday – technical difficulties aside, we had a great time and were sincerely touched by the warm reception.  Always good to see so many old friends (and make a few new ones as well). Special thanks to the guys from Lush Farm, who not only played a killer set but also came through with a new instrument cable and saved our set – much appreciated. The Jolly What played a solid set as well.  And thanks to Danny, Billy and Jared at Mojo, and to Andrew Miller for setting everything up.  Also thanks to Justin Clowes for shooting these photos. Finally, thank you Delaware.

And for everyone who asked, the cover we played was Wine, Wine Wine by The Nightcaps (listen to the original below).  And for those keeping score – yes, Tom Waits does name drop the band/song on the Nighthawks at the Diner  album.

As for Philadelphia, The Lift Up have a new show lined up for Saturday June 30th at the North Star Bar with The High Five, Outernational and The Scovilles so put it on you’re calendars. More info in the weeks to come.

And to stay up to date on all things band related, join us on facebook. And don’t worry art lovers, more news on that front coming in the next day or so.